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Books on Books #7
David Goldblatt: In Boksburg
Essays by Joanna Lehan, David Goldblatt, Jeffrey Ladd
Hardcover w/ Dustjacket
112 pp, 9.5 x 7 in.
71 Duotone illustrations
ISBN: 978-1-935004-12-7
Release date: February 2010
Limited Edition Set also available

David Goldblatt’s In Boksburg stands as one of the most important observations of a middle-class white community in South Africa during the apartheid years. Published in 1980, it presents an accumulation of everyday details from the community of Boksburg through which a larger portrait is revealed of white societal values within a racially divided state. Books on Books 7 reproduces all seventy-one black and white photographs as well as Goldblatt’s eloquent introduction to the work. The noted writer and editor, Joanna Lehan, contributes a contemporary essay written for this volume.